Skilled Traders Can Find Profits In Small Caps

By Chris Vermeulen via

The recent downside price rotation in the US Equities markets has been a blessing for skilled traders. The opportunities for profits are setting up all over the markets – you just have to look for them and understand price theory.

The Small Cap ETF (NYSEArca: TNA), is setting up a nearly perfect example of a quick in and out trade for a potential profit of 8% to 15% or more. We understand the fear that many traders may have in the markets right now and we understand the reason why many experienced traders decide to sit on the sidelines while these types of moves play out. Yet, we believe the opportunities that exist while these volatile market moves are playing out are some of the best setups for experienced and skilled traders.

Typically, volatility may only be only 20% or 30% of the current volatility on average trading days. In other words, you might be waiting 3x to 4x (or more) longer for the same types of price swings to occur. If the opportunity presents itself and you have the skills and understanding to dissect the trade, why not take the opportunity for these great, quick moves?

Let’s take a look at the TNA setup

This Monthly TNA chart on the next page illustrates the Price Channels that our research team has suggested present the opportunities for this LONG trade setup. Our research team believes the primary BLUE price channel is acting as support for the current price near $65~70. As long as this lower price channel holds, then the potential for an upside price reversal towards $78~80 is rather strong. The MAGENTA target level is price resistance from 2013~2015 and would be an immediate price target for any relief rally from these lows. The Breakdown Zone is where we want to alert our followers to be cautious. If the price does not rally and falls below the Breakdown Zone, this trade is invalid.

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