6 Hacks to Automate Your Financial Life

By Andrew Rosen via Iris.xyz

Almost all of us professionals can relate to the picture I am about to paint.  The alarm clock dings way too early; that’s the start of our day.  We shower and get ready for work. Then the mayhem begins!

We get the kids ready, drop them at school, and get to work on time.  We all work nonstop through the day, only to come home to more mayhem.  We shuttle the kids around to all of their activities. Then there is homework, dinner, and bedtime.  The day ends with a collapse!  Then we rinse and repeat; the cycle begins anew.

It’s as exhausting to write as it is to live!  But, what didn’t you hear about in this typical day-in-the-life of a professional with a family?  It’s how they spend hours tending to their finances.  I see it every day.  Financial lives are piecemealed together because this part of their world falls to the bottom of their never ending “to do” list.  In some regards, it underscores the need to delegate these responsibilities to a financial advisor.  With that being said, I’ve created 6 hacks to help you automate your financial life and get you set you on the right track.

Hack 1: Auto Bill Pay

I am a huge proponent of this and it all stemmed from one missed credit card bill.  Years ago when my wife and I were starting our family, things naturally became hectic.  We had about 10 credit cards for different items. I pride myself on being on top of my finances.  But, to my dismay, I actually missed a credit card payment!  Needless to say this financial planner lost his mind.  “Never again,” I said.  So, I went on an automation binge.

Today, there isn’t a bill I have that isn’t set-up on auto pay.  Mortgage, car payment, credit card payment, you name it and it gets paid on time.

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