7 Ways to Become a Valued Resource to Your Network

By Matthew Paine via Iris.xyz

Building a network of professionals as a way to acquire new clients means more than handing out cards to estate attorneys, accountants and financial planners. Those who are most successful at employing this strategy in their practices do more than network at cocktail parties; they create a trusted circle of resources who share ideas to help each other become more successful.

For your circle of professionals, that means getting to know how they work and what matters to them and their clients. Just like you want something out of the relationship, you need to be prepared to provide value to them.

If that sounds like building a business partnership, you’re understanding how this can work. Just like building an internal team of partners, the better you get to know your external team, the more you will be able to do for them. Your role in this relationship is to find ways to become a resource they turn to when their clients need it.

Here are tips for building and nurturing a network of professionals who can enhance your practice:

1. Create a plan for each professional you want to connect with.

Each professional will have a different slice of the clients you seek. Estate attorneys, for instance, will typically deal with high-net-worth individuals who have complicated needs, a perfect fit for insurance products you can talk to them about.

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