What to Consider Before Investing in Autonomous Cars

By Richard Parker via Iris.xyz

Ford, GM, Tesla and many other companies are testing self-driving cars. As technology improves, autonomous vehicles will become a mainstream reality. By 2040, experts predict that most cars on the road will be self-driving. If you are interested in investing in autonomous vehicles now, then consider the following information before taking the leap.

Technology Background

Before making an investment, it is crucial to understand more about the technology involved in creating self-driving cars. Autonomous cars are able to drive with no human intervention. Owners become passengers as the cars navigate streets on their own. Most autonomous vehicles rely on a combination of artificial intelligence (AI), software and machine learning. The cars also require a lot of hardware such as computers, radar, cameras and sensors, so they can monitor their surroundings and collect data. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the technology is constantly evolving. Investing in companies that cannot keep up with the changes can quickly turn into a problem.

Ford plans to sell fully self-driving cars by 2021, but you can already buy an almost autonomous Volvo XC60 that has technology to help you avoid collisions with radar and cameras. Not only can it warn you about a potential hazard in the road, but it can also brake for you. The Volvo can help you stay in your lane on the road with steer assist technology.

Buying the Tesla Model S gives you access to some of the self-driving tech that future cars may have. Its autopilot features with multiple cameras, radar and sensors help keep you safe on the road. Tesla’s current cars can give you a taste of what is to come with advanced technology.

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