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The explosion of the collaborative robotics market continues. The industrial robot market has decoupled from a pure automotive and electronics focus and is seeing huge growth in markets such as food and beverage, warehousing, and logistics. Drones have evolved from consumer toys to powerful commercial tools that tackle surveying tasks in construction and enable oil and gas companies to identify new energy sources with high-precision accuracy.  Today’s cloud systems that remotely control industrial IoT and AI—often at significant distances from inspection sites—are transitioning to distributed and autonomous systems closer to the source of inspections, making inspection data collection more efficient and safer. The convergence of robot process automation (RPA) and AI is gaining speed, giving organizations the ability to automate manual, repetitive processes and gain new efficiencies.

Society is on the cusp of ubiquitous automation that is being driven almost entirely by robotics, automation, and AI. Volatility has returned to the market, which means long-term investors are focused on buying the troughs. As major corporations gear up for a surge in robotics and AI-based technologies over the next decade, now is the time for wise investors to position for the growth to come.

By Bill Studebaker, President & CIO, ROBO Global

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