Wall Street is Finally Paying Attention to Robotics, AI

Today, the ROBO Global Industry Classification system includes 12 subsectors that focus on the intersection between the technologies and applications that are fueling a movement that is now considered an imperative in every industry. As the industry evolves, we expect the number of subsectors to expand as new ideas emerge to become tomorrow’s reality.

Some investors still see robotics and AI as niche investments. But more and more, even the most risk-averse among them are realizing that it is a niche that demands a presence in every long-term portfolio. Why? Because the scope of robotics and AI is vast, and the massive impact it will have on every industry in every part of the world is now undeniable.

It’s no surprise that ROBO Global is no longer alone in the market. Newcomers are throwing together robotics and AI-focused investment vehicles at a rapid clip. But unlike ROBO Global, which is a research-driven, forward-looking index based on the knowledge and insights of some of the world’s most respected leaders in robotics, automation, and AI, these cheaper, untested options tend to focus on market cap alone and use back testing to “prove” their worth. But for anyone who is looking beyond the day trading game and wants to capture the tremendous, long-term opportunity of the entire ecosystem of all things RAAI, I would place my bets—and my hard-earned money—in the hands of the experts who are in the trenches every day to identify tomorrow’s opportunities. In the fast-changing, fast-growing world of robotics, automation, and AI, I believe it’s the only way to go.

Bill Studebaker, President & CIO, ROBO Global

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