The Top Robotics Trends in 2018

This type of business model will grow significantly in 2019 as it offers an easy way for manufacturers to quickly jump on board the robotics train.

2. Customizable (Modular) Robots

Modular design is a lot like building with Legos. You can switch out various pieces and parts to customize or upgrade the product as a whole. This type of customization is crucial for robotics to truly adapt to manufacuring. They must be able to change their parts as tasks change.

In 2018, you’ll see more robots offering modular designs, including the option for actuators that can be quickly altered to meet the needs of any given task. While the creation of these designs is difficult, the end product is very simple to use, making it a trend to watch in 2018.

3. Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning

We’ve heard a lot about A.I in 2017, but you should expect to hear a lot more in 2018. Both this and machine learning are the focus of research and development across the world. Robots that are empowered with this technology can improve on their own, learn new techniques, and adapt in a lot of ways.

Machine learning can also help manufacturers perform preventative maintenance, as the robot will be able to alert the proper personnel when an issue is beginning to arise. Expect to hear a lot about these two technologies in 2018.

Ultimately, the robotics industry as a whole will grow significantly in 2018. These are some of the major trends you can expect to see, but which trends are you watching out for? Let us know in the comments!

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