It’s generally best to stay away from complex technical jargon and idioms, have all your most important documents translated, have a good translator on hand, and use visual methods like charts and images to communicate basic concepts.

Besides online translation tools, modern companies often use project management software solutions with auto translation tools included, such as ManageEngine, Monday, or Workplace.

If you can’t rely on technological solutions entirely, you should sign up to an online language course and improve your communication skills. Some of the commonly used online language course platforms are Open Culture and Alison.

Skill Check

No matter how awesome an employee’s CV appears, the employer will want to check their skills even if they are applying for a job from the other side of the world. Remote skill testing isn’t as simple as it seems because people who are tirelessly trying to get a job often exaggerate their skills or even cheat on the test.

This can be a serious issue, but modern tech has helped us solve that problem too. Video calls enabled employers to communicate with possible employees in real time, naturally, as if they were sitting in the same office. Screen sharing also has a significant role here because the employees can demonstrate their skills while the employer follows the entire process on another computer miles away.

Apps like Slack, Cliq by Zoho, Microsoft Teams, and Fleep will improve the communication among your team, but thanks to features such as group messaging, private messaging, video call, and screen sharing, these apps will streamline the communication with potential employees during the recruiting process.

Skill check using features such as video calls and screen sharing is a foundation, but additional tests are always welcome. Thanks to the automated skill testing, solutions with a time limitation such as Testdome are an excellent way of checking an employee’s experience level.

Besides, thanks to online assessments with automatic scoring available at Survey Monkey, the employer can easily check if a job applicant is skilled and qualified enough.

Time Zone Differences

Nowadays, employees mustn’t switch their day and night cycle to work for a company in a different time zone. Using the latest automation tools, a modern company can provide a 24/7 service.

Advanced robotic solutions with AI will provide people with the answers and the required help, and their employer will assign them to-dos while they are sleeping. That way, employees will be able to work normally without messing up their body’s natural rhythm.

The Bottom Line

Although these barriers and issues sound like a huge problem, by using smart and advanced tech solutions, you’ll be able to overcome each difficulty and recruit qualified workers from around the globe.

The mentioned Project Management apps and tools, online language courses, chatbots with AI, robotic cameras, and robots are only some of the digital helpers which can improve businesses across all verticals. Once again, technology and automation opened another horizon for employees and employers alike.

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