How to Nail the Instagram Algorithm

So now the news are not competing for their content, but for its reach and performance to the people.

This happened on Instagram to many a company thinking it’s the way to go. But this is not how content HAS to be created.

Don’t force the narrative. Stick with the facts

In most cases, content is being created by a human or a group of them, putting in maximum effort, making educated guesses towards a creation that will hopefully inspire the consumer to act.

Over and over again, more and more frequently. But what are they actually learning from their creation and the reaction of the user? Not much, because there is barely any time between creating posts to ponder over the results.

Marketers know that you need to create at speed. To bring quality into it, time is needed, but time is an immense investment, so how are you going to solve it?

AI can tackle those problems. Because it is simply about the data and not its interpretation. This will still be left to the human in the essence of creation. Almost every aspect of content can now be measured by machines. They are not trying to take jobs away from humans, they are merely here to assist the process.

Time of post, who liked it, when did they like it. Easy to answer, everyone knows that. Which operating system was used, where was it used, which kind of phone, also questions which are easily answered these days. But there is more.

The machine can recognize things. Color patterns, objects, shapes. They can associate successful pictures over a timespan and find their common attributes, they can learn almost anything and everything about a picture and even the post underneath, you just have to train them to do so.

It takes a lot less time than hiring someone to do it full time. In fact, it takes days to enrich data and train a machine on it to understand it. And then every analysis takes seconds and minutes instead of hours or days. Since the algorithm will analyze you, you direct competition, your entire market, your audience and comparable markets and more, the results are more reliable and contain more surprising insights.

And the audience analysis is by far the most important part. To understand 100 percent of your audience is the goal, because then you are given the tools to create content to please 100 percent of said audience. And then, some changes to the instagram algorithm won’t bother you at all.

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This article was republished with permission from Cortex.