How to Do Proper Cable Management

You can find several options on the UR+ platform.

The main manufacturers are:

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However, be aware that even though these may seem like ultra-simple solutions, there are some downsides. It all depends on which device you’re using, since the entrance of the wire is not necessarily adapted to the external housing.

Custom Setup

Although most robot cells are unique (i.e., non-standardized), we have observed the same cable management problems several times.

We ended up designing different fixtures that can be fitted onto the robot frame. Some are for clipping the cable to the fixture, and others are for sliding the cable through them.

Cables can pop out of cable loops if they get stuck on something; the advantage of clipping is that it prevents this problem. Follow this link to download the STEP file and 3D print it at your office.

Trust me when I say we’ve had pretty good results with these fixtures; we tested them in many crazy positions for a huge number of cycles!

No matter what cable management challenge you’re facing, I suggest approaching it with the same two priorities: natural cable curvature, and no pinching.

If you have further questions, our support team is here to help!

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