How Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent Investment Advising

By Michel Barakat via

Machine Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Three buzzwords you have likely seen in the media lately. It is challenging to surf a news website and not read about the impact of AI on the economy and the applications it will enable. Is all the fuss well founded? The answer is yes and this new digital frontier will affect your business, as an investment advisor, more than you think.

A Brief Overview

Before digging into the topic, let’s clarify a few keywords.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term to refer to any process, computerized or other, that replicates human intelligence.

Machine Learning refers to software algorithms (an example is deep learning) which allow computers to implement artificial intelligence.

Big Data is an umbrella term which refers to large amounts of data, usually cloud-hosted, which because of their sheer quantity are statistically significant enough to allow you to generate valuable insights.

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