How will AI, AR, and VR Impact Meetings for Advisors?

By Andrea Schlapia via

At Ironstone, we strive to embrace the latest technology offerings to help our financial advisor clients enjoy the most convenient and productive options for communication as we coach them towards best practices for their firm.

While being onsite is ideal in certain situations, many touch points can be handled virtually with the right technology. We’ve recently enjoyed embracing Zoom, a rock-solid platform for virtual meetings.

A few months ago, Zoom shared the results of a survey of their users to see how they think meetings will change with the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality). The results will give you an exciting peek into what your future meetings with clients could look like.

Workers spend a good portion of their work week in meetings.

To start, the results indicated that most workers spent a significant part of their work week in meetings. On average it’s 8.8 hours. If you’re a director level and above it goes up to an average of 10.4 hours a week.

This means any improvements to how you meet could result in major potential productivity gains. Those improvements could come from technology, adopting best practices like an agenda, or just saying “No” to lower-value meetings.

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