In fact, you don’t need any personal data at all. What you need is to be observant and look into what your audience as a whole responds to. When you begin to tune into what your audience actually likes and build content around that, shockingly, they respond to it. A lot.

Instead of your 1% (maybe) personalization token lift, our clients like St. Regis are seeing a 72X increase in their social media engagement. And they are far from alone. On average when our new clients begin consistently implementing content insights into their marketing they see a 6.5X increase in their social media engagement metrics and click-through rate. Others are able to identify new opportunities for their content all together, or tailor their content strategies to new markets that have different tastes than their current customers.

And all of that requires exactly zero personally identifiable data.

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That’s why we’ve always believed the future of marketing looks like customers engaging with content from brands they legitimately love and getting products that add real value without getting sold out in the process. It’s better for customers, better for brands, and better for the marketers that get to make things their audience likes without having to work in a coffee powered content sweatshop.

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– Brennan White, Co-founder and CEO of Cortex

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