Essential Tips for Investing in Cloud Technology

Anyone investing in cloud technology needs to be aware of the inherent security risks and take the appropriate measures to try and avoid them as much as possible. Losing data can be a nightmare. Today, AWS and other investment-worthy cloud companies are using proactive security measures and best practices that are regularly updated to thwart attackers. This is the approach you want when you’re putting money into a cloud-based company.

Invest With a Long View

Though the short-term outlook for cloud technology is strong, this is an area where you should invest with your eye far on the horizon. The technology industry can experience any number of disruptions. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is considered a major leader in public cloud computing, accounting for 40 percent of the market and AWS sales of $916 million in the second quarter of the year. However, this company remains susceptible to fluctuations in the retail market.

Google’s cloud currently accounts for just 6 percent of the overall market, yet Urs Holzle, the head of Google Cloud, says that he plans for revenue from the cloud to overtake advertising sales by 2020. Google’s advertising accounts for almost 90 percent of its top line, so these cloud goals are clearly set high. It’s worth waiting to see how the technology will really shape up.

If you have the capital and time to place in the cloud industry, this is a fast-growing space where your investment may turn around quickly when placed well.

This article was republished with permission from The Invest Blog.