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Additionally, the model incorporates a volatility screen to maintain portfolio volatility comparable to that of the broader developed markets ex-U.S. The technology behind the investment methodology combines both fundamental and qualitative analysis while coming up with new investment insights through the use of AI through utilizing data to build predictive financial models on more than 15,000 publicly traded companies in the U.S. and in international developed markets.

“In order to fully understand the factors impacting an individual equity, you must be able to locate, synthesize and analyze thousands, sometimes millions, of pieces of data. Clearly, there is no way an analyst or even a team of analysts could process that much information in a timely manner,” Khatua added. “That is where the power of AI comes into the equation. As the volume of data explodes, the need for powerful, quantitative, objective analysis grows, particularly when building a portfolio of equities from developed markets around the world.”

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