Defiance Debuts Innovative ETF Focused on Quantum Computing

For example, Google and NASA said a quantum computer they piloted together processes algorithms 100 million times faster than a traditional computer chip. Other key applications are being built in finance, cybersecurity, drug discovery, energy and autonomous vehicles.

“This technology represents a massive leap forward for the world of computing—it’s comparable to the shift from valve computing to silicon chips. Companies are already applying it and will continue to apply it in myriad ways, from optimizing investment portfolios to debugging software and finding wholly new drugs,” Defiance ETF Director of Research Tom Bowles said in a note.

QTUM subsector weights include quantum computing technology 20.3%, machine learning semiconductors 18.6%, A.I. chips & technology 15.3%, graphic processing units & other hardware 13.6%, big data & cloud computing 11.9% and solid state drive technology 10.2%.

Country weights include U.S. 74.6%, Japan 8.5%, Germany 3.4%, Canada 3.4%, UK 3.4%, Taiwan 1.7%, South Korea 1.7%, Netherlands 1.7% and Norway 1.7%.

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