Artificial Intelligence for Advertising

Additionally, if the computer is given different customer segments with varying lifetime values (CLV), AI can adjust bidding strategies and spend more for higher-value target customers.

Emarsys CMO, Allen Nance, agrees AI will increase creativity in marketing. In Why Emarsys’ marketing chief thinks AI will trigger a creative response, he says, with the adoption of artificial intelligence “marketers are going to gain the opportunity to go back to strategy, content and creative,” letting AI do the hard work.

Case Study: Cosabella Ditches Marketing Agency for AI

Lingerie brand Cosabella was seeing diminishing returns from their agency’s campaigns, so they decided to consider other options.

Instead of hiring a new agency or bringing resources in-house, they decided to use artificial intelligence. After a brief teaching period, where they gave it parameters for targeting and KPIs, they left the AI to itself.

Impressive Results

“After three months with [the AI]Albert, Cosabella saw a 336% increase in return on ad spend. In Q4, revenues increased 155% and the brand saw 1,500 more transactions year over year, 30% of which came from new customers. In Albert’s first month, Cosabella decreased costs by 12% by increasing returns by 50%.”

Cosabella’s team was able to turn insights into action and spend more time working on more creative strategies.

This article was republished with permission from Cortex.