6 Steps to Win Internal Support for Robotics

A demo event can even be a public relations-style open house for the company, helping to spread the message about how your company is using robotic cells to increase competitiveness with no job losses.

If using an actual robot at a demo event isn’t feasible, you can show videos. Choose one of the robotic integration videos created for general audiences that shows what the robot looks like, its size, and how it moves. These videos can also reassure people by showing others with similar questions and concerns, and following them through the implementation process to see how they felt before and after a robotic cell was introduced.

5 – Provide regular updates and keep doors open

Share the whole story from the initial idea to the robotic cell in use. Make everyone in the company feel involved and invested in the success of your robotic cell implementation. If your company has multiple locations, you can also share project updates with other plants. Keep answering any questions that come up, and show what’s happening with people who are being retrained and/or reassigned.

6 – Celebrate the deployment

Once the robotic cell is up and running, have a celebration. Acknowledge the people who contributed to the project, and share pictures of the before, during and after phases of the installation to make everyone feel like a part of the success. Take pictures of the celebration, and let everyone know that they’re a part of a historic event at the company and in the industry.

To learn more about the benefits of lean robotics and how to communicate your robotic cell project, visit leanrobotics.org.

This article was republished with permission from Robotiq.