Predictions from Forrester note that AI will continue to be a priority for health care organizations in 2019. Although there will be some customer-facing applications, AI will also be tasked with assessing risks and making clinical decisions. A recent study using an AI algorithm to spot cases of Alzheimer’s disease found the technology could detect the disease several years before diagnoses.

That technology is not ready for widespread release yet, but it’s not hard to imagine how it could make hospitals more competitive, especially when people have family histories of Alzheimer’s and want to be proactive. AI increases competitiveness in other ways, too. For example, some platforms predict when industrial machines will fail, letting operators replace parts before costly shutdowns happen.

4. AI Could Keep People Safer

Businesses will also feel spurred to adopt AI in 2019 when companies are involved in matters that directly impact people’s well-being. Researchers at Google and Harvard University teamed up to make an AI tool to find restaurants that could be sources of foodborne illnesses. In a pilot study, the data prompted health department inspections.

Also, optical detection systems on assembly lines “see” anomalies in products and learn if they’re defects. Then, manufacturers know about problems before product recalls occur.

Stanford University graduates launched a startup called Flood Concern that depends on AI to find the blocks in a neighborhood that are most prone to flooding, too. It gives associated warnings up to five days before storms arrive.

These are just some examples of how AI supports safety. When businesses adopt it, they could save money through strategic preparations, reduced accidents and more.

5. AI Will Assist With Hiring in 2019

A look at how people will use AI for recruitment in 2019 suggests it’ll factor into many aspects of the hiring process, including using AI for interviews. One Russian company called Stafory created a robotic recruiter called Robot Vera that uses AI to conduct about 50,000 interviews daily for the company’s clients.

Regardless of their industries, many enterprises will need to fill skills gaps in 2019. AI will help them do that faster than ever before, freeing up time for other duties.

AI Offers Abundant Advantages

This list highlights how no matter what companies want to achieve in 2019, AI can help them meet those milestones.

Once companies actively explore how to implement AI in their processes, they can make meaningful progress.