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“We created jobs across the board; I don’t think most of it was seasonal,” said JJ Kinahan, chief market strategist at TD Ameritrade. “But the most interesting thing on this report was the amount of people who left their jobs voluntarily. I think that’s a really good consumer-confidence measure.”

The markets were roiled this week by declines in tech, particularly following a weaker first quarter earnings guidance from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who cited demand for products declining in China.

“As much as we all got nervous about Apple yesterday … this puts a counter to that,” Kinahan added.

The 2-year note went up to 2.48 and the 5-year note was up to 2.472. Meanwhile, the long end of the yield curve also went higher with the benchmark 10-year note going to 2.65 and the 30-year note going to 2.976.

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