How Elections Impact Your Portfolio: A Discussion With Nationwide | ETF Trends

Defined by contentious policy objectives and rampant partisanship, today’s political environment is among the most dynamic in history. Against this backdrop, midterm elections are rapidly approaching and are poised to upend the balance of power in Washington.

In the upcoming webcast, How Elections Impact Your Portfolio: A Discussion with Nationwide, Ben Brewster, Vice President, Government Relations, Nationwide; Carson Lewis, Government Relations Consultant, Nationwide; and Paul Eisenhardt, AVP, Head of Nationwide Institutional Sales, Nationwide, will discuss the trends shaping today’s political and policy environments, and what the upcoming election may mean for the future.

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Nationwide noted that the recent shift in the bond market climate has made fixed income investors more nervous about rising volatility. Despite the rising nervousness, investors still need bonds to provide income and act as a ballast against stock volatility.

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Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about portfolio investment strategies can register for the Tuesday, September 20 webcast here.