Why Investors Should Gobble Up McDonalds

It was just a few short years ago when McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) was suffering and the stock was hurting. Then CEO Don Thompson was trying to turn the company image around amidst a growing interest in healthier fast food and low prices. His efforts failed to materialize and McDonald’s stock continued to suffer.

But in stepped current CEO Steve Easterbrook and he has McDonald’s firing on all cylinders once again. In the 3 years since he took over, McDonald’s stock has easily outperformed the S&P 500 and continues to return value to shareholders.

But with a large run up in the stock price, is McDonald’s stock now overvalued or should investors gobble up this stock because it has room to grow?

Why Investors Should Buy McDonald’s Stock

Even with the huge run up McDonald’s stock has experienced, there is still room for more growth. Here is why. While every other fast food establishment and other casual dining restaurant is struggling to grow customer traffic, McDonald’s is doing so with ease.

This has happened for a number of reasons. First, McDonald’s hit gold when it introduced its all-day breakfast menu. Next, they added premium burgers to their menu which is also a hit.

The result is customers coming in droves to take advantage of these new menu features. As an investor, you might be thinking that they still need to do more in order for the stock price to keep rising.

You are right with this thought and McDonald’s is making headway into driving more traffic to its stores.

They are doing this in a few ways which include the following:

Mobile ordering
Mobile payments
Delivery alternatives
Customer experience