Is Trump the Best Economic Growth President Ever? Yuge (Global) GDP Analysis

The question is a bit of a misnomer.  Economic growth was much stronger during, for example, the wild, wild west days.  But, is Trump the best economic growth president in the modern era (i.e. since 1980?)?  The IMF seems to think so.

How could one tell that the IMF thinks this?  Well, look at what their growth forecasts are for Trump, and compare to growth figures for the first year of other U.S. presidents.

The Look

Here’s a look at the results.  What the figure is showing is the average difference in growth across all countries for the first year of U.S. presidents going back to 1980.

As stated, the IMF must be thinking that Trump is the best president for economic growth.  In fact, Trump is the only president with a positive first year difference.

Overall, growth for Trump’s first year was 0.12 percent higher than growth in the prior year.

Which president comes in second?  President Ronald Reagan comes in second, with a growth of -0.05 percent.  The -0.05 percent means that average economic growth during Reagan’s first year in office was 0.05 percent lower than what it was the year before he came into office.

In third and fourth places are presidents Clinton and the first president Bush.  Both had growth differences of -0.13 percent.

In fifth place is the second president Bush at -0.16 percent.