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Back in 1993 Triol Corporation entered a market of an electrical engineering and production connected with power electronic equipment development. By now an appearance of the Company has changed fundamentally. It all began in a cramped office combined with production areas at one site. A few tens of employees were working hard side by side, while expounding their insights into relevant and reliable products ready to conquer the field. Nowadays, the Company’s facilities occupy thousands of square yards, which includes 3 manufacturing sites, 11 service centers and offices located in 5 countries of the world.

Oil Prices Triol Corporation

Traditions and Innovations

Currently, due to the staff of more than 1500 employees Triol Corporation tends to solve the most important tasks in different industrial sectors, among which are metal industry, machine building, chemical industry, consumer goods manufacturing, power-generating sector, heavy equipment industry, mining, housing and public utility infrastructure. But the priority activities of the Company are mostly associated with developing, manufacturing, sales, technical support and after-sales services in the oil production field.

Total Commitment to Customers’ Targets

Companies engaged in oil producing market consistently face complicated technologic issues affecting their performance. Those encounters occur frequently due to hazardous environment peculiar for the oil production process, heavy expenses incidental to an energy inefficiency and a complex nature of involved equipment. In response, Triol Corporation daily contributes to provide exceptional solutions able to integrate forcible counter measures to the afore said factors and convert Customers’ challenges into their advantages for cost savings and an increased profitability.

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Expedient Oil Production in Marginal, Unconventional and Deviated Wells

Some solutions provided by Triol Corporation are capable to change an icon of the oil production beyond all recognition. In view of the fact, that a considerable part of oilwell stock constitutes marginal, unconventional and deviated wells, a perspective for expanding this, at first sight, unprofitable sector arises. Application of Triol Linear Electric Submersible Pump (LESP) is an innovational method of oil production and ideal solution for the mentioned type of wells with flow rate from 1 bpd to 150 bpd or 1 to 250 bpd. This technology combines advantages of a compact linear motor design with a robustness of a plunger pump. Utilization of the LESP introduces the following benefits:

  • an ability to operate in directional, horizontal and deviated wells with a high DLS angle;
  • higher energy efficiency compared to sucker rod pumps;
  • reduction of installation and maintenance issues;
  • reduced noise pollution, minimal visual and HSE impact;
  • ability to monitor downhole equipment performance;
  • flexible and instant adjustment of the pump within a wide range of operational conditions;
  • adjustment algorithms for an oil production optimization.

Unconstrained Production Profile in Aggressive Environment

In addition, the LESP design and technological features provide steady operation in aggressive and complicated ambient conditions due to a corrosion-resistant coating and wear-resistant material of enclosures and working bodies. And creating a permanent depression on the reservoir with simultaneous maintaining an optimal dynamic level of fluid allows performing intensification of the oil production from 18% to 130%. Triol LESP demonstrates effective operation with 25% of gas at a reception by means of a built-in gravity gas separator. A continuous operation of the equipment without downtimes is available due to implemented control algorithms of regulating the supply from 0,8 m³ to the maximum production rate according to changes in well ambient conditions.

Curtailment or Energy Demand for 30%

Installations operating at a fixed speed and powered directly from an alternating current network show good performance in energy savings when operating at a variable speed, which can be achieved by using a variable frequency drive. Also, this technology gives a significant reduction in power rate compared to operation at a constant speed. Triol AT27 VFD is an implementation of the most advanced engineering solutions, providing a Customer with fundamentally new opportunities. It improves an energy efficiency and extends a life-time of the facilities. All this is available by means of applying Triol AT27 VFD due to its ability to optimize electrical equipment performance.

Remote Control and Monitoring of Complex Oil Production Facilities

Triol Interactive Technology Assistant (ITA) is an innovative and versatile automation technology. It is designed for real-time monitoring and remote control of equipment installed onsite. Triol ITA creates a common information space for remotely arranged equipment and unites it into a single integrated system. It combines software tools for collecting, processing and analyzing information on the status and performance of the mechanisms. Applying this solution helps to:

  • obtain accurate and crucial data on the equipment performance instantly via online service;
  • eliminate regular inspections need and monitor the equipment operation remotely;
  • decrease maintenance costs and prevent technological losses;
  • improve workflow and information turnover;
  • perform efficient management based on an essential data analysis;
  • enable a proactive strategic planning.

Transportation of Raw Extracted at Petroleum Deposits

Transportation of oil over long distances is preferably performed via pipelines, because of an economic efficiency of this method. However, this procedure involves some problems related to pump operation control. Such VFDs as Triol AT24 and Triol AT27 are designed to support technological parameters for the transportation of raw materials through the pipelines. These products are able to analyze information about technical parameters and optimize a pump or a compressor operation in accordance to a required mode. Their main task is to provide smooth transfer and uniform flow of the raw. Applying this solution can reduce a number of emergencies and automate the transportation process by maintaining and regulating a pressure rate in the pipeline.

All the above mentioned solutions are successfully used already by Triol Customers and Partners. And a versatility and a reliability of the Triol products potentiate this solution list to be inexhaustible, which confirms that the oil production field has many discoveries ahead.

Triol Corporation solutions are always in the avant-garde of the oil industry!

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