These types of factor-based investments help investors steer away from the potential risks associated with a traditional market-cap weighted fund that can grow top heavy, especially in a prolonged bullish environment.

“Our factor strategies are designed to capitalize on the cyclicality of investment factors given the macroeconomic environment and overall market conditions and we are very pleased with the results since inception,” Mo Haghbin, Head of Beta Solutions Product, OppenheimerFunds, said in a note. “We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with innovative investment solutions that meet their needs.”

Along with the dynamic multi-factor ETFs, Oppenheimer also has single-factor based strategies help investors garner targeted market exposures, including , Oppenheimer Russell 1000 Size Factor ETF (Cboe: OSIZ), Oppenheimer Russell 1000 Value Factor ETF (Cboe: OVLU), Oppenheimer Russell 1000 Low Volatility Factor ETF (Cboe: OVOL) and Oppenheimer Russell 1000 Yield Factor ETF (Cboe: OYLD).

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