How To Safeguard Your Financial Life from Extreme Predictions

By Michael Kay via

It’s nothing new. We are surrounded by articles and media decrying the next recession, correction, or touting end-of-the-world predictions.

There are also articles aplenty about ‘the next’ hot stock, sector, or opportunity that is just waiting for you (if only you write the check).

Financial predictions are as old as the markets themselves. There have always been people who have a strong belief or particular agenda they want you to adhere to; whether it’s a book, newsletter, or investment “opportunity.”

Human nature dictates that when someone shouts, “The sky is falling!” we look up. It plays to our survival instincts and fear. When someone expounds on a “can’t miss” opportunity, FOMO and greed take over; pointing our thinking to the notion that other people must know information that we need. It’s just our wiring.

But in this era of intense media exposure, it’s tough to ignore.

My aim is to set the record straight and provide you with useful tools and ideas.

#1: The World Is Not Ending

First. Recessions, corrections, and market turmoil are normal. History shows us that dramatic market declines happen, and unfortunately, companies go out of business or contract severely. History further shows us that the market (as a whole) corrects itself when it reaches a proscribed level where valuations become more in line with reality.

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