Rising Above the Financial Bullies

By Michael Kay via Iris.xyz

There is nothing good to be said about bullies. Their appearance in our early lives can set the tone for a life of misery, fear, and remorse.

We do all we can to weaken their hold by seeking the help of others, by avoidance, and in some cases, by confrontation.

Bullies exist, too, in our financial lives. These bullies come in three guises: Institutional Bullies, Individual Bullies, and Internal Bullying.

Let’s examine each one and what you can do to fend off their grip.

Institutional Bullies exist in the financial industry. These are the companies, organizations, and lobbyists who expend big budgets and time resources to thoughtlessly shove their products down the throats of consumers without the concomitant responsibility that comes with their acquisition. From TV commercials to sports promotions, they have built machines and spent billions to support their intent to capture your dollars. These are the same institutions that have been found guilty of cheating the public, misrepresentation, and unfair practices. Don’t be fooled into thinking they have your best interest in mind.

Consider the messages on their commercials. “Trust us….we’re here for you….life is tough-you need us to help you find your way…” These constant barrages of messaging tell you that if you want to come through life’s financial meat grinder intact, you need to rely on them. Try this experiment: Over the course of one week, count the number of times you come in contact with a message from a big financial institution; radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, website ads, emails. Just one week. The results will prove my point.

Individual Bullies are in our lives. They’re the ones who are first to tell you or show you their wealth and success. They show you their new car, tell you about their lavish vacations or find some other demonstration of their financial might.

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