Model Portfolios Explained

Editors Note: This article was republished with permission from Dividends Diversify. 

One of the first things I did when setting up and going live with Dividends Diversify was to establish three model investment portfolios. I’d like to introduce them now and share a few of my thoughts on them in this article.

My Net Worth

Unlike many personal finance and investing blogs, I do not report my net worth or the income generated from my investments. Many of my fine colleagues and friends in the blogging world do this. I totally respect and admire them for doing so.

But, I’m pretty shy and private by nature so doing that just wouldn’t be a good fit with my personality. In fact, just being on the internet and publishing articles on this website provides enough discomfort for me. But, as I have heard, “life begins at the edge of your comfort zone”.

My Objectives and You

With that in mind, I started Dividends Diversify for several reasons.

Provide a means to document and clarify my thoughts around my personal finance and investment philosophies
Establish a more disciplined process for analyzing my individual stock, fund and ETF holdings, and

Use my experience to educate others about personal finance and investing
Many of you know from reading my about page that I teach accounting and business courses at a local university near my home. I like teaching others.

Dividends Diversify is another means of teaching; but outside the classroom. In my opinion, there are several keys to being a successful teacher. They include building a trusting, safe and fair environment for students.

Do you trust me?

I am not a financial adviser. Nothing hereshould be taken as advice for your personal situation.

So, you may be asking, why should I trust you, Tom? Here is one reason why you should. Even though I do not report on my net worth, individual investment allocations or income, I own every stock, fund or ETF in the model portfolios.

If I ever sell out of position in my personal accounts, I will remove the holding from the model portfolio it resides in. You may remember that I am considering selling General Electric. If and when I do, it will be removed from the Dividends Deluxe portfolio and replaced with another company that I do own. Full disclosure: I sold all of my shares in General Electric a few days ago.

The Model Portfolios Explained

In the model portfolios, I try to have a little something for everyone. Well, maybe not everyone. Let’s clarify that and say anyone that is interested in building a passive income stream by investing in dividend paying securities.