At the Morningstar Investment Conference, BetaShares’ Alex Vynokur discussed the role of using ETF strategies, passive and active, to mitigate risks.

Points discussed:

  • The majority of clients at BetaShares incorporate both active and passive investing
  • ETFs allow investors to access more market exposures efficiently
  • Actively-managed ETFs allow investors to access actively-managed funds at a lower cost
  • BetaShares’ business model is to partner with high-caliber active managers to bring active ETFs to the market
  • The way investors use ETFs has evolved significantly–previously, it was a simple buy and hold strategy; now, they are used more tactically and for risk management
  • Fixed income is seeing large growth because it’s harder for investors to purchase individual bonds–ETFs are democratizing the asset class

To watch the full video, click below:

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