Closing Time: 20 Major Retailers That Likely Won’t Exist In 10 Years

By Ted Rubin via

Visit your favorite shopping mall – if you still have a favorite – and you can already see the seismic shift in retail taking place across the country. When was the last time you visited a Sports Authority, or RadioShack? What about bargain retailers like Payless Shoes, or kid-friendly stops like Gymboree?

Those brands are either completely out of business or hanging by a thread, and they’re not alone. I call them “the walking dead.” So many big-name, traditional retailers are struggling, because they either can’t or won’t adapt to the modern retail market.

In fact, I see at least 20 more major retailers closing up shop in the next ten years if they don’t make major changes to the way they do business, and here’s my list:

1. JCPenny

2. Sears