Be Aware! The Most Popular Investment Scams

As a result, the victims wire money to the con-artists for their investment. The only problem is that the tremendous offshore opportunity generally doesn’t exist!

How To Protect Yourself From These Scams

Ultimately, you can avoid most of these scam by following a simple 3 step process…

Step #1: Work Only With Regulated Brokers – First and foremost, regulation is incredibly important. While there’s a euphoric feeling associated with working around regulation, the investing space is not where this should be done! Because of the fact that regulation adds a layer of protection for investors, make sure that you always work with regulated brokers.

Step #2: Don’t Invest In Opportunities That Seem Too Good Too Be True – The term “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is no more true in any other circumstance than investors. When making investment decisions, always ask yourself, “Does this sound too good to be true?”

Step #3: Research – Finally, never make an investment decision without researching that decision first. If you are being pressured to move now without research, chances are that the investment is a scam. While getting in early is always a good idea, it never hurts to take an hour or two to research the opportunity and really learn what you’re putting your money into.