Be Aware! The Most Popular Investment Scams

Investing is one of those things that everyone knows they need to do, but not everyone is an expert in the process. As a result, through the years, we’ve seen various investment scams pop up. Today, we’ll talk about some of the most common forms of investment scams and provide some tips to ensure that you’re not the next victim!

Scam Brokers

One of the biggest investment scams out there today lies in brokers. Unfortunately, there are several scam brokers that make it their mission to steal the money they receive from unsuspecting victims. In general, this scam works by luring potential investors in with promises of riches made by investing with the right broker.

From there, the investor puts money into their brokerage account and starts moving the money around, making what they believe to be smart investment choices. The only problem is that when it’s time to cash out, the scam brokers stop responding to their victims, keeping all of the money their victims have deposited in the process.

Pump And Dump Schemes

Another incredibly common form of investment scam is known as the pump and dump scheme. This scam is an interesting one because it generally effects a wide range of victims in a very short period of time. Essentially, what happens is that a con-artist will write a fake report and make sure that it makes its way to the news some how.

The report is designed to cause investors to start putting more and more money into a particular asset just after the con-artist purchases a large amount of the asset. This, of course, sends the price of the financial asset upward.

From there, the con-artists will cash out of their positions when they believe that the financial asset’s value has grown to its peak. Essentially, in doing so, the pump and dump scheme leaves the con-artist with profits while all of the investors that believed the hype and put money into the run take big losses.

Offshore Investing

Finally, offshore investing is becoming an increasingly popular scam. These scams are relatively simple. Either the con-artist will lure victims in online or with a simple phone call, telling them about an incredible opportunity in another country that will likely lead to big profits.