An ETF Strategy to Target High Dividend Payers with Strong Fundamentals

The Oppenheimer International Ultra Dividend Revenue ETF tries to reflect the performance of the FTSE Custom Developed ex US Ultra Dividend Revenue Index, which takes components from the FTSE Developed ex US Index and excludes the top 5% of securities within each country by yield, excludes the top 5% of securities within each sector by dividend payout ratio, selects the top 200 securities according to the highest average of the 1-year trailing dividend yields over the past two years and re-weights those securities based on revenue.

The revenue weighting methodology could provide diversified exposure to the market, is not influenced by stock price, reflects a truer indication of a company’s value and offers stable sector exposure. Moreover, revenue weighting may provide a more value-oriented portfolio and historically outperformed in a value-driven market while showing lower drawdowns during growth-driven markets.

“The continued expansion of our ETF platform is driven by the needs of our clients,” Sharon French, OppenheimerFunds Head of Beta Solutions, said in a note. “In a shifting market environment for income generation, we are excited to launch our two newest ETFs, which build off the success of the Oppenheimer S&P Ultra Dividend Revenue (RDIV) ETF to provide investors with attractive opportunities to generate income outside the U.S.”

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