7 Biggest Concerns Clients Have When Preparing for Retirement

By Larry Heller via Iris.xyz

Over the years, financial professionals have met with hundreds of clients and they mostly have the same concerns. In fact, there are seven concerns that stand out from the rest. These are the main points people looking to retire are most worried about.

1. When can I stop working?

How do you figure out when to retire, to stop working, or even to slow down? This depends on where you want to be in retirement. How much income do you want and need in retirement? How much will you spend on expenses during retirement? Figuring this out will help you answer this question.

You have to realize that when it comes to retirement, it isn’t just about stopping work, it’s also about retiring towards something. You have to paint a picture of where you want to be and what you’re going to do with your life after you’ve stopped working. When you know your goal, it will help keep you on track, and allow you to easily visualize what life will look like during retirement.

2. How much can I spend in retirement and how do I avoid outliving my assets?

A significant number of those preparing for retirement are concerned that they might outlive their money.  Many have usually accumulated a large number of assets and resources but the concern is that they don’t want to die broke. Many do not want to use up all of their money, and want to leave something for their heirs.

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