On Trend: The Coming Disruption to Life Insurance

By Shileen Weber via Iris.xyz

Don’t count out life insurance as an investment for your clients just yet.

According to those who participated in our IRIS.xyz/ETF Trends webinar on Dec. 7, it is an important element of financial planning for more than 96 percent of their clients. But, there are some changes that clearly will have to come, mostly around the need for a more streamlined process of buying the product that could make life insurance cheaper and, as a result, more relevant than ever before.

GWG Holdings’ insurtech subsidiary, Life Epigenetics, conducted the webinar to explain how epigenetic technology can alter the way life insurance is underwritten, priced and sold. More than 360 advisors signed up to hear the latest about how epigenetics could possibly streamline the application process and cut the price of life insurance.

It’s been a tough 30-plus years for life insurance, the once dominant product in financial services. Sales of individual life-insurance policies have declined more than 40 percent since the 1980s, according to industry trade group Limra, and about 30 percent of U.S. households report having no life insurance at all, up from 19 percent in the earlier period.

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