On Smart People, the Big Picture, and the Future of Robotics

By Chris Buck via Iris.xyz

Steve Wozniak once said, “Wherever smart people work, doors are unlocked.”

I’m completely humbled by the intelligent people I get to work with every day. It’s one of the incredible perks of working at a research company rather than a product mill. And it’s one of the primary reasons I am constantly energized and re-energized about our mission at ROBO Global. It’s on days like this—when smart people paint a crystal-clear picture of where our industry is heading—that, in Steve Wozniak’s words, doors are truly unlocked. I understand completely why it’s so important that we spend our days and nights identifying where to invest and why.

I’ve spent my entire career in financial services, so I’m well aware of the thinking and rationale behind most financial products. Because we live in a world where low cost seems to drive every decision, I get it. I get why some investors chase short-term returns and quick, easy wins. But it’s critical that investors look at the bigger picture. When it comes to investing in the future of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence (RAAI), that bigger picture matters more than ever.

I’m fascinated by the potential of RAAI. Not only is the investment perspective and the immense growth that is happening before our eyes exciting, but even more so is the fact that no one knows precisely where this massive transformation is heading. There are just too many unknowns. Innovation is happening more quickly than ever in our history, and RAAI is playing a huge part in that transformation, reaching into every area of every industry, and nearly every aspect of our lives.

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