Natural Resource ETFs to Keep a Portfolio Diversified Ahead

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As investors consider ways to diversify a portfolio, one may look to resources and commodities-related ETFs, such as the VanEck Vectors Natural Resources ETF (NYSEArca: HAP) and VanEck Merk Gold Trust (NYSEArca: OUNZ).

HAP is a based on an index of global commodity equities. The underlying VanEck Natural Resources Index tracks companies involved in the production and distribution of commodities and commodity- related products and services involved in agriculture, alternatives (water & alternative energy), base and industrial metals, energy, forest products, and precious metals.

OUNZ seeks to provide investors with a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy and hold gold through an ETF while also providing investors the option, if they desire, to take physical delivery of the metal. OUNZ is the only ETF that provides its patented, physical gold delivery option.

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