It's Time to Commit to the Most Intensive Economic and Market Analysis You've Done for a While

By Paul K. Bates via

Ah, Summer. Time to head to the lake, the beach, the backyard. Time to put our feet up, fire up the grill, read a novel perhaps. On the other hand, it may be time to commit to some of the most intensive economic and market analysis we have done for a while.

At the mid-year point—depending on your asset mix, geographic mix, choice of capitalization sector, and industry sector—your mid-year over last year end could be anything from pretty good to downright disappointing. Add to this considerable uncertainty around economic and tax policy, not to mention healthcare policy and geopolitics.

Beyond the macro decisions, there are some emerging developments that require us to have a good think about our fundamental approaches to the age-old question of present-value calculations—especially in the still nascent developments in manufacturing and distribution, from advances, for example, in 3D printing, flexible plant design, breakthroughs at the intersection of medicine and engineering, not to mention significant disruption in sectors such as grocery and pharmaceutical.

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