Is Financial Well Being the Key to Emotional Well Being?

By Brad Sherman via

When you think of your financial advisor or financial plan, how do you feel? Gratified? Anxious? Indifferent?

How much would you say your advisor has contributed to your sense of emotional and financial well being?

Most of us probably don’t ask ourselves those questions and yet, according to a 2016 Morningstar study, When More Is Less: Rethinking Financial Health, our sense of well being is an important element to consider when thinking about wealth management and financial planning.

A simple way to look at financial well being is that it’s the ability to:

  1. Fully meet your current and ongoing financial obligations
  2. Feel secure about your financial future
  3. Make choices that allow you to enjoy life

Seen that way, it’s clear how feeling secure financially can contribute to our overall emotional well being as well.

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