White House Injects Public Transit Industry With $3.7 Billion | ETF Trends

The Biden administration is granting $2.2 billion in coronavirus relief money to 35 financially strapped transit agencies in 18 states. The Associated Press is reporting that the money from the American Rescue Plan would prop up day-to-day operations for public transit systems, including staffing and payroll, as well as cleaning and sanitization to limit the spread of illness in public transportation.

Another $1.5 billion in grants will be made available under President Joe Biden’s infrastructure law — a total of $7.5 billion over five years — for transit agencies to purchase low- or no-emission buses made by U.S. workers and to build bus facilities.

The cash infusion comes as many workers return to offices and the administration looks to promote zero-emission transit. Transit agencies are also looking to boost ridership. Many have cut prices or offered free fares to attract suburban commuters and better serve lower-income communities more dependent on public transportation. Others are adjusting bus and subway routes to offer less service during traditional workday rush-hour periods in favor of more trips at other times of the day for people seeking medical care or traveling to sports and entertainment events.

Transit agencies have until May to apply for the Transportation Department’s grants, which will be awarded by fall. Roughly 5% of the money must also be used for workforce training to help transit workers prepare for the technological change.

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