The Only Safe Way to Profit from Bitcoin: Even if It Goes Down to Zero | ETF Trends

By Robert Ross via

I’m a safe income guy always on the hunt for the safest and most stable dividend-paying stocks.

And I can tell you one thing. There’s always a way to “play it safe,” even with something as volatile as Bitcoin.

Here I’ll share the best way to ride Bitcoin’s current bull market without taking on a lot of risk.

Bitcoin Is Far Too Risky for Most Investors

Bitcoin is a polarizing topic. Some economists think Bitcoin’s value should be $0. Others think it’s as revolutionary as the internet.

But one thing is certain: The price of Bitcoin is incredibly volatileThis makes it a non-starter for most income investors.

Fortunately, I’ve zeroed in on a company that actually benefits from Bitcoin’s volatility. It’s a safe and stable way to profit from Bitcoin without exposing yourself to a lot of risk.

But first, let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin’s wild price swings…

Bitcoin once shot up 1,882% in a little under a year.

It went from $998 in January 2017 to $19,783 in December 2017. That’s incredible. But it didn’t last.

One year later, Bitcoin had dropped around 83% to $4,935. You can see this in the next chart.

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