How to Tell Your Story Amid a Hectic Financial Media Environment

By Sarah Bacenstoe via

Whether you’re the founder of an upstart ETF issuer or the CMO of a massive RIA firm, today’s increasingly high-volume, fast-paced media environment presents a plethora of credibility-building opportunities to share your story that you cannot afford to ignore.

Given the deadline-driven nature of their jobs, finance reporters are often in a fury to put together stories. ETF managers, asset managers and everyone in between have an opportunity to showcase their thought leadership and insert their narrative during breaking news events, earnings season and other quick turnaround media opportunities. To ensure you are ready for these openings, working closely with your media relations team and spokespeople to develop a customized strategy that works best for your firm is key.

Here are a few tips to help you tell your story in stride and keep up with the momentum of the media: 

Don’t sit on the sidelines

Spokespeople should take advantage of opportunities to convey their key messages and be ready to act fast on the news. During earnings season, reporters are working to get first reaction stories out quickly, so if you want a chance to be included, you must be ready and available to talk.

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