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By Michael Kay via

We all grow up with beliefs about money. These beliefs are ingrained in us whether we like it or not; whether they support or constrain us. Whatever your money outlook may be, talking about money with your spouse or partner can be difficult. It is too easy to fall into a trap ranging from disengagement to outright verbal assault. The mere idea of talking about money and communicating our desires sometimes feels impossible.

The question is: How can you hold a productive and respectable money conversation that feels like a step in the right direction?

In a recent meeting, I heard the following:

Pete: “I am trying to pay off our debt and Karen just doesn’t stop spending money!”

Karen: “We could afford some of those extras if you weren’t so cheap!”

Pete: “I am trying to be responsible.”

Karen: “Are you calling me irresponsible?”

Most of this fostered an even greater divide between them, which tends to happen with this type of conversation.

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