ETF Trends
ETF Trends

By Tony Vidler via

You will gain or lose potential clients in just 8 seconds….well, actually it is a lot less than that.  The clock is ticking…and a lot faster than many realize.

In reality you have 3 seconds or less to get them to engage with you and your message, or they are probably gone forever.

Think about how you either source information, or select choices, or make shopping decisions.  We google everything on our phones, including those professionals who were recommended to us.  When we don’t know who in particular we are looking for (such as when we are searching for generic information) we scan the suggested list of possibilities and make decisions on whether to pause on any particular option in about 1-2 seconds.  The key filter for the prospect at this point is simply:

Does it look like what we are looking for?

If it made us pause and we decide to click on it to investigate the possibility, then we scan the headline and intro and make a decision to carry on engaging, or we disengage and head back to the search options within another couple of seconds.

The next key filter at that point for the prospect is:

Is it in on point…is it about the stuff we were looking for?

About 3 seconds for that entire decision making process is typical for an educated consumer who knows what (or who) they are looking for information about.

IF we got past the first 3 seconds we have about another 5 seconds for the third critical decision-making point.

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