How to Achieve The Perfect Retirement

By Andrew Rosen via

Having helped 100s of people retire, it’s no secret retirement is one of those big life events where people count on a  financial professional.  In my experience, they do this for a few reasons. One is to get validation and comfort. They like knowing they have a strategy for their non-working years.  The other reason is the impetus of this blog–a litmus test to see how their retirement compares with their peers.

The business of financial planning gives me a unique perspective.  I get to see how many diverse people handle different stages of life.  I see clients (and friends) live happy, successful retirements.  Others, sadly do not fulfill their retirement destiny.

That’s why I decided to write a blog about the secret elixir.  It’s something I generated through the perspective of clients who I feel have the “perfect” retirement lifestyle.

The Perfect Retirement

I’ll preface the rest of the blog by saying two things.  One is that this article is very subjective. I recognize what one person enjoys, may not be the same for someone else.  The other thing is I’m not going to focus on the finance side of things.  That is an entirely different issue all together.  Rather, I’ll assume you’ve worked with someone to understand your financial retirement needs. This blog should be used as a guideline of general principles, that anecdotally seem to lead to the happiest retirees.


The first common denominator of a perfect retiree is having the right mindset.  These individuals are mentally in a place to leave the working world behind and retire to something not from something. They realize they want this lifestyle and are truly ready to embrace it.  It comes with an understanding that every day is a gift and they treat it as such. Having the right attitude is the very first step in preparing for that perfect retirement.

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