How Smart Factories Are Transforming Manufacturing as We Know It

By William Studebaker via

There’s an amazing thing happening on factory floors around the world today—something that consumers are only just beginning to witness its dramatic impact on their daily lives.

If that statement surprises you, it’s no wonder. While robots have been in use for decades to provide basic automation, even the most advanced of these machines were confined to a corner where they completed basic, repetitive tasks. After all, although Henry Ford introduced the first assembly line for his Model T more than 100 years ago, that huge achievement is the first (and perhaps the only) thing that comes to mind when most people think of advancements on the factory floor.

Oh, how times have changed.

Thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), robots have come to life on the factory floor. Similar to the development of driverless cars, today’s robots are able to not only sense, see, and process information, but also to integrate that information into how they “think”, reacting to their surroundings to initiate appropriate action.

What does that mean for manufacturers and consumers in the real world?

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