How Internet Behemoths Are Keeping Millennials Poor

By Eunika Sot via

Have you ever stopped to think that it’s insane how much time, attention, and content we share on the Internet while we get essentially nothing back except maybe that vague notion of “exposure”? Oh yes, the things we do for exposure…

The sad thing about exposure is that it doesn’t feed you, not unless you have a lot of it, and even then only maybe. Over on YouTube, only about 3% of content creators make enough to pass the poverty line. All the while, Facebook and Google jointly accounted for 73% of all online advertising revenue in 2017. Say hello to the world in which most millennials will never own homes, or be able to afford to put their kids through college. Say hello to the world in which your personal data is used to create wealth for the top 1%.

We’re so used to thinking about the “content” that we create in rigid terms that most people don’t even realize that their selfies are the least valuable asset. As it stands, we create an obscene amount of data that gets repackaged and then sold to companies. These same companies then have the guts to complain that “millennials are killing the diamond industry.” Seriously, get bent.

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