How Integrating Native Advertising in Your Marketing Can Lead to a Higher ROI

By Binh Nguyen via

Advertising is essential for driving exposure to any business. Companies are quickly adopting native advertising efforts to increase awareness in a relevant and efficient way. For those unfamiliar, native advertising is considered as any paid content that is “in-feed” and inherently non-disruptive. At its core, native advertising is sponsored content that fits the editorial content feed of print and online publications. Many advertisers are capitalizing on the use of native advertising, also known as advertorials or sponsored content, because of its visibility, accessibility and efficiency—and advisors can be at the forefront of this trends’ success.

A Better Use of Online Advertising

Online advertising provides a wealth of data on what does and does not work. With platforms like Google Analytics, it’s easy to analyze the performance of a certain campaign or individual ad. For instance, traditional methods of online advertising, including banner ads and pop-ups, are known to have low click-through rates.

According to Google’s Display Network, when people are served a targeted finance or insurance advertisement online they only click on the advertisement 0.33 percent of the time on average. Most people ignore these ads on the screen, finding traditional methods as a distraction from useful financial content. Native advertising, however, has proven its value

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