How FinTech Startups Are Transforming Financial Services and Improving the World

By Scott Johnson via

Fintech is changing the financial services landscape. It is improving customer service, increasing financial inclusion and making banking just plain simpler, easier and more accessible.

Traditional banks around the world have been fearing the inevitable for quite a while now – and although some of them are starting to invest and acquire startups, many smaller, agile companies are still stealing a lead on the financial megaliths.

One of the most dynamic and innovative markets for fintech is the UK. And here are six companies that are radically disrupting financial services – and making life easier for us in the process.


Founded by Nigel Morris, former COO at Capital One, and Dan Cobley, ex-Google UK MD, Clearscore was launched in 2015 and was an instant hit. It put a rocket under the personal finance industry by providing credit scores and reports to everyone, for free, forever.

Aimed squarely at the millennial market with tailored advice and snappy blogs, by the start of this year the startup had netted more than 6 million users. In March 2018, to no one’s surprise, the business was acquired by Experian.

SafetyNet Credit

Account Technologies has built its reputation on unlocking the value in bank statements. The fintech’s software can quickly evaluate a person’s creditworthiness much more accurately than conventional credit scoring techniques by looking directly at a person’s real-life bank transactions.

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