Helping People: The Best Part of Our Business

By Bill Bachrach via

This is a great business! You can earn all the money you need to fund your ideal life, you have time freedom, and you help people.

While all three matter, this article is dedicated to the best part of our business: helping people. I know we’re not the Red Cross or the United Way or some other pure charity. But, we’re also not Coke and Pepsi fighting for sugared-water market share, McDonalds trying to sell another billion of crappy hamburgers, or some video game company using compulsion loops to addict you to their game regardless of the adverse impact on your health, happiness, or success.

Helping people make smart choices about their money in alignment with their most important goals and most deeply held values matters. I asked a few FAs to share some of their fondest memories about doing what they do. I’m sure you have a few of your own.

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